Working out with Michele is a holistic experience. She has shown me how to connect to my body so that movement becomes more natural, effective and efficient. With her guidance, I have learned how to move my body better so that I can get stronger. With greater strength, I have become more confident in how I connect to my body, and with greater confidence, the cycle starts again as she challenges me to try new and more dynamic movements.

- Nancy P.

Michelle’s an outstanding trainer! She’s an excellent listener and uses her knowledge and experience to design programs that are challenging but not extreme. She’s motivating, keeps excellent records of workouts and has a great sense of humour. She’s a pleasure to work with. 

- Rob M.

Michele is really great at motivating me to stay focused throughout each workout. I always feel amazing afterwards as she ensures that we get a full-body workout. Each exercise works multiple muscle groups so you really get a lot out of each move. I have learned a lot about proper form and can now do exercises correctly that I have never been able to do before.

- Ashley T.

I've learned to get in touch with myself and love the results!​

- Lisa C. 

As a male entering his 50s, I have an eye on taking better care of myself both physically and mentally, and Michele is a big part of that. Her Pilates classes have exposed my physical weakness and lack of flexibility, particularly in my hips and legs. Her classes have really helped with my core strength and flexibility. After her classes, I feel very light and energetic. Michele is also a great resource to tap into for eating well which is easily 50% of the puzzle. Whether you’re in your 20s, 30s or 50s like myself, it’s never too late t take care of yourself and Michele can really help with that. Take her classes – your body will thank you, now and in the future!

- Rob M.